O U R   S E R V I C E S




The uniqueness of each couple is reflected in the diversity of their vision for a perfect wedding day.

Bliss is pleased to offer three distinct services for the discerning couple.



Complete Wedding Coordination

This full service package is specifically tailored to ensure that all details are addressed.  The planning, coordination, choice of vendors and attention to small details can tax most busy couples and their families.  Everything is handled under our watchful eye, leaving nothing to chance or surprise:

  • creation and management of a wedding budget

  • recommendation of vendors and venues

  • establishment and monitoring of wedding timelines and itineraries

  • provide creative solutions that will allow you to make those all-important elegant statements on your wedding day

  • coordination of a decorating theme for the wedding, taking into account specific desires related to ambience and location

  • coordination of the rehearsal, wedding ceremony and reception, as well as overseeing vendors providing specific services for each venue

We want to ensure that your wedding day is a carefree occasion to enjoy time with your new spouse, family, and friends.  What better way to do that than with our promise to treat every aspect of our service leading up to, and during, your wedding day as if this wonderful event were our own!



Wedding Day Coordination

Some couples contact us after they have planned and organized their own wedding.  This package is designed to remove the stress of wedding day decisions and coordination, and to allow the couple and their families to concentrate on their special day.  This service includes:

  • one consultation two weeks prior to the wedding so that we can develop an overview of the wedding day and how the couple would like the events to unfold

  • establish and coordinate a wedding day itinerary for all parties involved

  • attend the rehearsal and wedding ceremony to ensure that all is flawless

  • confirm and oversee wedding day vendors

  • coordinate reception details and ensure that the timing of the special evening ¬ ís events is well choreographed



Two Hour Consultation

Need some advice regarding details? some creative ideas? some budget management suggestions? Bliss would be delighted to meet with you!